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Tucked away from the tourist-bustling streets of Dubrovnic and Split, the fashion-conscious city of Sibenik is a pearl of the beautiful Dalmatian Coast with a thriving festival scene, high-quality attractions, Game of Thrones locations, excellent food, Renaissance architecture and, of course, impressive fashion shopping.

If you stroll the Old Town, you will come across Charlie Design, Loredana Bahoric’ s – one of the country’s most famous fashion designer – store. Be prepared to be enchanted by her avant-garde, monochrome creations! For handmade jewelry crafted from pearl shells and corals from the Adriatic Sea, you will find lots of imaginative pieces at Deni Design.

Another popular shopping destination, not only for visitors of Sibenik but also nearby gem-towns, such as Pivorac, Vodice, Rogoznica, Murter, and Primošten is Dalmare shopping centre that houses more than 54 stores in its 38.000 square meters of total floor plan area.

With many of the most famous designer brands from the world of fashion accessories, shoes, children’s equipment, clothing, furniture, jewelry, and more, in fashion shopping you will definitely be spoilt for choice.


That aside, it also offers plenty of services and leisure facilities (i.e. Blitz Cinestar and Twister games room), as well as a McDonald’s restaurant and several bars, to name just a few. In short, it’s a shopper’s paradise that has made Sibenik shopping a very pleasant and fun experience for both you and your pet.

If you fancy more traditional everyday garments (skirt dresses, jackets, hats, bags, brooches, and tunics), Koke Design is the most appropriate place to look. Expect practical pieces that give you the chance to play with their shape and form (i.e. a bag can become a backpack within a heartbeat).

Although it is not a widely-known tourism commodity, Sibenik remains on the radars of the most intrepid travelers that seek fashion-meccas and towns with a CV that can dazzle any travel agent!