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Sibenik food

The delicious Dalmatian traditional dishes are one of the reasons one could fall in love with Croatia and Sibenik food. There is a wealth of culinary and gastronomic attractions, as well as an abundance of distinctive local delis.

Primarily a wine producing area, Sibenik county has vineyards that spread all along the coast and across the hills, providing the outstanding red Babić, with the finest coming from Primošten. However, you may also find imported vine strains (i.e. Merlot) thriving here.

The entire Dalmatian Coast is all about veggies, seasonal fruits, olive oils and, of course, fresh seafood, with grilled fish being the most common dish served at seaside tavernas and restaurants at Sibenik and the nearby towns of Pivorac, Rogoznica, Vodice, and Murter.

That said, be sure not to miss Sibenik food delicacies – Pršut (starter: dry-cured ham served with cheese and olives), Pašticada (beef marinated in red wine and herbs and cooked with dry plums, onions, carrots, and cloves), and Crni rižot (black risotto with squid and served grated cheese). These will make you feel as if the flavours are exploding inside your mouth the moment you treat your taste buds with them!


One of the finest dining facilities to enjoy organic, locally produced meat and traditional dishes is Papparazzi Restauant at Dalmare shopping centre, which also has a low-priced buffet and an a la carte restaurant to meet every visitor’s needs. You may even go there for a pizza or ask for food delivery. And, if you feel like having some fast food, the MacDonald’s Croatia restaurant with McDrive will satisfy your cravings.

In Sibenik food has a special place in people’s hearts, which is why they put so much love in preparing yummy and hearty dishes for their families and visitors to their quaint small town.