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Sibenik souvenirs

One of the most original Sibenik souvenirs you could come home with is the Šibenik Button, which used to decorate men’s national costumes and was named the most original Croatian souvenir, in 2007.

Today, you can find it in many different forms, from rings and earrings to tie pins, necklaces, and charms. The original Button was silver and had a specified size. However, you may also see Buttons made from gold and aluminum sold in various sizes.

Besides the Button, you may want to keep some Sibenic Bagatins in your luggage, given that Sibenik was the first city in the country that issued its own currency in the 1400s.

Begatins were used as a way of payment for more than 200 years (one bagatin was worth 30 Venetian ducats and you could buy 20kg of grain with it). It is believed that one side had a figure of the town’s patron (St. Michael) and the other the patron saint of Venice (St. Mark).

Another recognisable symbol of Sibenik is the Sibenik Hat with a distinct yellow colour and distinguishing embroidered decorations in black.  The Hat is closely tied to the town’s history and dates back to the time when Sibenik was the first city in Croatia. Today, it is a glorious reminder of the construction of the first alternating current-powered street lights in the world!


To find such authentic Sibenik souvenirs, you can visit the colossal 38.000m2 Dalmare shopping centre that is home to more than 54 stores, where you can find anything from designer clothes and furniture to fashion accessories, gifts, jewellry, and souvenirs.

For those interested in continuing to please their palate with gastronomic souvenirs, a few bottles of Dalmatian wine made from vines in the Sibenik region and towns such as Primošten. Murter, Vodice, Pivorac, and Rogoznica should definitely be on your list!

That aside, you may want to make some space for some locally produced cheeses and prosciutto, as well as some olive oil!